LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®

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The Power of HD Video Conferencing on Display

At LifeSize, we believe that the true value of video conferencing is realized when HD video is broadly accessible - for every teleworker, meeting room, desk, and remote office. LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®, brings us one step closer to that vision.

When you combine industry-leading LifeSize HD video communications technology with an LG monitor designed to maximize productivity, you get a video conferencing solution that is smart, simple and streamlined.

The Intelligent Choice

All LifeSize end points deliver superior HD quality at low bandwidths. The LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, is no exception. Furthering our vision that HD video communications should be as seamless and mainstream as a phone call, we are pleased to offer a solution priced so that everyone in your organization can connect face-to-face, in high definition.

You don't need to purchase expensive infrastructure or replace your existing systems. The LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, is a point-to-point solution that works with your existing video conferencing systems as well as your IP/PBX installation.

Deployment Made Easy

Enjoy an immersive HD video communications experience from your desk with a no-hassle deployment. We’ve combined a LifeSize video endpoint, camera, microphone with a sleek LG 24” display - designed to work with YOUR environment in mind. Replace your PC monitor, add it to your office desk or use it in a small workspace. It works where you work.

When Time Equals Money

Who can afford to disrupt business productivity? LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, streamlines not only your desk but your daily activities as well. Participate in an HD video call with your colleagues at headquarters, share presentations or other important data via LifeSize® Virtual Link™ during the call, and then switch back to your PC to finish the proposal. Need to share an important message with many people live and on demand? Record an HD video message via LifeSize® Video Center, with the push of a button. All from your desk. All from the LGExecutive. All without missing a beat.

LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, is interoperable with LifeSize® Connections™, the first cloud-based, business-class HD video collaboration platform, enabling secure, immersive communication between meeting rooms and desktops, making it easy to connect with colleagues, customers or partners on Macs or PCs.

Simple. Smart. Streamlined.

HD video conferencing is on display with the new LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize.

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