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Flexible, Full High Definition Video

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Maximum video quality and features for the entire enterprise

With LifeSize® Team 220™, Full HD and superior multipoint conferencing are available at the midrange for 1/3 the price of others in its class. You get Full HD video quality (1080p30/720p60) for natural, realistic interactions. Experience unparalleled ease of use and flexibility for workgroups with dual high definition display and camera support, digital input and output connections, an embedded 4-way, Full HD multipoint control unit (MCU) and dual microphones.

And LifeSize Team 220 is the first LifeSize video offering to be officially Microsoft® qualified with Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2™. Enjoy seamless video calling from desktop OCS and Lync users to any conference or meeting rooms equipped with the LifeSize Team 220.

Outside-the-box working experience.

Beyond technologies, over and above service and support, there's the proven enrichment in workgroup efficiency that LifeSize Team 220 offers. LifeSize designs video collaboration solutions with absolute user simplicity in mind. This is the face-to-face communications experience to rely on when you need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

LifeSize Team 220 delivers:

  • The highest available resolution on the market - 1080p30
  • The best motion handling with half the latency with 720p60
  • Full-motion video and content with 720p30 dual streaming
  • Interoperability with LifeSize® Connections™ cloud-based HD video collaboration solution
  • Microsoft-qualified interoperability with Microsoft Office Communications Server

LifeSize Team 220 proves once again that the LifeSize difference is the LifeSize experience: Superior video communications across cities, across countries, across continents.

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