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HD video conferencing is on display with the new LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize.

LifeSize Desktop

LifeSize Desktop


Key Features

  • HD video and audio - 720p30 transmit and receive with advanced wideband audio
  • Data sharing – Share your PC screen for improved collaboration
  • Fully scalable provisioning and management model from one to thousands of seats
  • Administrative capabilities to lock down settings for easier maintenance and control
  • TLS/SRTP encryption for secure calling
  • Far end camera control for flexible use

LifeSize Express 220 10X - Phone


Lifesize Express 220 10x Phone HD Video Conferencing System w/ LifeSize 10x Camera and Phone

  • HD Monitors
  • Point-to-Point HD Video Communications
  • Video Quality: Full HD Standards-based 1920X1080 30 fps; 1280X720 - 60 fps
  • Output - Audio: 5 in, 4 out; Video: 2 in, 2 out
  • LifeSize 10x optical zoom HD camera
  • LifeSize Phone

LifeSize Passport - MicPod with Camera


Lifesize Passport MicPod - High Definition Video Conferencing System w/ MicPod and Camera

  • Point-to-Point HD Video Communications
  • HD Camera
  • HD Audio with MicPod
  • Video Quality: High Definition Quality 1280X720 - 30 fps 16:9 format
  • HD Monitor
  • Output - Audio: 2 in, 2 out; Video 1 in, 1 out

LifeSize Room 220

Package contents: Lifesize Room 220 Codec, Lifesize 10X Camrea (1080p/30, 720p/60), Remote control, Lifesize Phone


- Full High Definition 1080p/30, 720p/60, 720p/30

- 8 way CP 94 visible) with transcoding multipoint

- Dual 720p/30 streaming Video for presentation

- 8 audio in, 4 audio out

- 6 video in, 2 audio out

- 8Mbps IP throughput

LifeSize Team 220 10X - Phone

Package contents: LifeSize Team 220 Codec, Lifesize 10X Camera (1080p/30, 720p/60), Remote control, Lifesize Phone (Microphone and Speaker)


  • Embedded Continuous Presence (CP) HD Multipoint
  • HD Monitors
  • HD Audio with LifeSize Phone
  • Point-to-Point HD Video Communications
  • Output - Audio: 7 in, 4 out; Video: 3 in, 2 out
  • Video Quality: Full HD Standards-based 1920X1080 30 fps; 1280X720 - 60 fps
  • LifeSize 10x optical zoom HD camera




Polycom RMX 1000 MCU


Conferencing for the Mainstream

A high performance conference platform that supports small-to-medium sized organizations and enterprise branch offices.

  • Simple and accessible conferencing – on-demand meeting rooms, optional scheduler, and intuitive on-screen conference controls
  • Improved collaboration experiences across networks with resilient Lost Packet Recovery (LPR.)
  • Exceptional video and content delivery, unrivaled audio quality

SHORT DESC. VidyoDesktop Benefits:
• Transforms any PC into a high performance telepresence endpoint – no special hardware
• Supported on Windows and Macintosh
• Integrates with VidyoRoom, H.323 & SIP endpoints
• Simple to use with intuitive graphical user interface and automatic software installation & updates
• Built-in NAT & firewall traversal


Vidyo recognizes that when a company that has existing video conferencing investments decides to move up to a better solution, it´s unlikely they´re going to junk all their legacy systems right away. Via the VidyoGateway, your Polycom, Tandberg or other MCU–based systems can be given the added boost they need to interoperate with your new H.264/SVC systems.

The VidyoGateway supports H.264 SVC, H.264/AVC up to HD and H.263 video conferencing, G.711, G.722, SIP and H.323 signaling, as well as H.239 data sharing.

There are two models of the VidyoGateway available to meet configuration and capacity requirements - the standard VidyoGateway and the VidyoGateway MK-II - extending the capacity up to 3 x HD 720p30 @ 1.5 Mbps, 12 x 4CIF (SD) @ 768 Kbps and 24 x CIF @ 384 Kbps.

Rp 192.375.008


VidyoOne delivers all of the hardware and software components required for desktop conferencing in a single 1U appliance at a single fixed price, making it easy and affordable for any organization to deploy their own VidyoConferencing solution.

VidyoOne intelligently routes video packets to endpoints where decoding takes place, delivering the highest quality video possible. Using Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology, VidyoOne is able to provide each endpoint with rate matched video streams based upon that endpoint´s available bandwidth, processing power, and resolution capability. The result is robust, seamless, connectivity among conference participants with individualized screen layouts, over low–cost general purpose IP networks – including the Internet.

Just connect VidyoOne to your network and everyone in your organization can communicate more effectively from anywhere they have an Internet connection.