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The VidyoPortal is a Web–based environment administrators can use to manage the VidyoConferencing™ system. And it´s so incredibly straightforward, in fact, that even ordinary conference participants can use it to initiate meetings – via the Web – from anywhere. VidyoPortal´s flexible interface features single–click–action buttons that take care of everything required to initiate a conference.

Also, regardless of whatever endpoint system you might happen to be using, VidyoPortal provides a consistent environment that´s compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

For end users, the portal can be accessed through a range of endpoints that run VidyoDesktop™ or VidyoRoom™. For first–time users, there´s a simple sign–in or authentication procedure. Guest users can also be allowed access to the system, assuming organization policies permit that. All functions required to initiate or join a video conference are supported, including:

  • Adding participants to a conference
  • Defining calling features, such as speed–dial
  • Searching or browsing for other users
  • Setting personal account preferences

For administrators, the VidyoPortal serves as a central management environment offering abilities to:

  • Set system–wide parameters and policies
  • Establish end–user and association privileges
  • Control and customize user conferencing capabilities

And for MS Office Communicator users, you can by–pass the portal and access the VidyoDesktop client directly from your MOC contact list using Vidyo´s MOC plug–in.