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At the heart of the VidyoConferencing system is the VidyoRouter, a breakthrough in video conferencing technology that introduces the first major architectural change in decades. While traditional video conferencing systems haven't been able to take advantage of the obvious cost efficiencies available through Internet utilization, VidyoTechnology is designed for the internet from the ground up. Encoding and decoding occurs only at the endpoints – leaving just video routing to be accomplished within the network itself. Vidyo's intelligent VidyoRouter ensures that this packet–switching is handled with optimal efficiency – without either degrading the quality of the video or adding noticeable latency.

The VidyoRouter significantly improves network utilization efficiency by sending along only as many packets as an endpoint is capable of handling, due either to limitations in bandwidth, processing power or screen resolution. And because the amount of processing power and bandwidth available is dynamic, the VidyoRouter constantly tests and recalibrates what it should be passing along ensuring that each endpoint is provided with the highest quality video it´s capable of receiving – even as local conditions change from one minute to the next.

Each VidyoRouter supports up to 100 HD ports. Ports may move among a set of VidyoRouters and since they can all be managed by a single VidyoPortal, the cost of redundancy and geographical distribution is greatly reduced. Given that endpoints can produce a large number of resolutions, quality and frame rate combinations, the VidyoRouter ensures a video experience of continuous quality that is free of blurry images and broken pictures. The VidyoRouter doesn´t decode, but replaces the traditional ways to achieve rate matching. The VidyoRouter doesn´t decode and encode the video, yet it provides rate matching, error localization and supports composited layouts just like a traditional MCU.