Rp 6.345.000
Rp 5.400.000

Beli WhatsApp
SHORT DESC. The future in personal IP multimedia communication. Stunning video quality, intriguing user interface with delightful details, rich Web applications embodied in a sleek tablet-like design, distinguished this product as the ultimate desktop multimedia phone.

The GXV3175 redefines the desktop communication experience with a raised level of innovation and integration of state-of-the-art real time video conference, personalized rich media presentation and delivery, popular Web and social networking applications, and advanced business productivity tools.


Rp 5.022.000
Rp 4.252.500

Beli WhatsApp
SHORT DESC. An IP Multimedia device that allows free video calling from anywhere in the world

Best-in-class technology that enables 24-7 access to information that impacts your daily life without interruption


Rp 355
Rp 300

Beli WhatsApp
SHORT DESC. An advanced IP video phone based on SIP and H.264/H.263 standard, competitively priced and easy to use

An ideal solution for any multi-media communication environment, the virtual office and all IP video communications for business or residential users